Having and taking care of a swimming pool can cost little and consume less time than you think, for this it is necessary that you understand two concepts:

Physical Treatment: refers to water filtration and physical cleaning with accessories. The correct filtration ensures that the chemicals added to the pool work effectively, in addition to removing impurities, dirt, leaves and algae, which, when combined, reduce the action of chemicals. The filter has a key with the following functions:

Filter – the water leaves the bottom of the pool, passes through the filter and returns to the pool.

Vacuuming by filtering – vacuum the dirt from the bottom of the pool. The vacuum cleaner and the hose are connected for cleaning. The water is sucked by the vacuum through the pump, passes through the filter and returns to the pool.

Aspirating while draining – water instead of going back to the pool is played, a function used when there is a lot of dirt decanted at the bottom of the pool.

Backwash – function used to wash the sand from the filter.

Pre-filter – function used to remove the dirt accumulated on the top of the filter in the backwash operation immediately after the backwash function.

Recircular – mixes chemicals placed in the pool water

Drain – function that removes water from the pool

Chemical Treatment: refers to the balance and the action of the products in the water. The chemical balance of water is essential for the effective use of all products necessary for its treatment. There are three basic elements to the chemical balance of the pool water, which are measured using the test kit.